Transforming Hawaiʻi’s Food System Together is an initiative that seeks to build statewide capacity and pave the way for a more robust, sustainable and resilient food system, especially in times of crisis. The initiative harnesses innovation and momentum developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, documents lessons learned, articulates policy and planning recommendations, and sets up the State to expand large-scale institutional purchasing of local foods.


1. Conduct applied research that informs the prioritization of necessary food system actions at the community, county and state level. 

2. Develop an integrated food policy framework and food system resilience and equity strategy that is inclusive of indigenous values and producer perspectives. 

3. Implement capacity building strategies to facilitate institutional purchasing of locally produced food.


Knowledge Products

Conducting applied research that informs food system planning and actions at the community, county and state level is foundational to the initiative. Growing a sustainable food system movement in Hawaiʻi will be facilitated by first conducting Food Systems Mapping that will  identify key resources and leverage points that can help to shape where public policy, investments and action will be most effective. The Social Network Analysis will identify community leadership, influencers and champions to work in collaboration to develop a shared food system development strategy for Hawai‘i. The Policy Analysis will identify key factors that inhibit or enable a thriving food system in Hawaiʻi and will highlight on-going efforts and collaborative opportunities for systems change. Food System Vulnerability Assessments will identify key systemic risks to household food insecurity in the state. Together, the resulting knowledge products will shape the formation of an Integrated State Food Policy Framework and a Food System Resilience and Equity Strategy informed by multi-level dialogue and inclusive consultation with key stakeholders.

OUR Partners

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The Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute (HI-PHI) will serve as the “backbone” organization for this collaborative statewide project by coordinating, facilitating and convening key activities. The following partners are currently supporting the project in various capacities. Additional partners will be added as the project progresses.

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