Toward Restorative Food Systems

An Integrated State Food Policy Framework for Hawaiʻi

Bring new and existing food policies, strategies and investment recommendations under a common “roof” to focus them on clear and consistent objectives and drive food system change toward measurable goals.

1. Food As a Human Right: Healthy Food for All
2. Social equity & food Justice
6. Sustainability Education, Workforce Development & Fair Labor

User Outcomes

An Integrated State Food Policy Framework will help decision-makers understand

  • 1. Key food system issues in Hawaii (e.g. household food insecurity, public health, resilience, economic development, etc.).
  • 2. Current status (e.g. the rate of household food insecurity).
  • 3. Root causes & risk factors (e.g. relationship btw poverty and household food insecurity).
Planning Elements and Metrics for Hawaiʻi Food System Change Maps Graphic
The THFST initiative will produce an Integrated State Food Policy Framework (ISFPF) for Hawai’i — a comprehensive “living” food policy document.