The Integrated State Food Policy Framework for Hawaiʻi

Framework Contributors

The Integrated State Food Policy Framework for Hawaiʻi is a collaborative and iterative effort shaped by the collective mana’o of 40 contributing authors, 20 peer reviewers, and 150 community experts – and counting!

These individuals contributed their expertise and support in a variety of ways, including by:

  • Reviewing published academic and gray literature 
  • Researching recent reports and data from Hawai’i
  • Analyzing Hawai’i Revised Statutes and recently proposed legislation
  • Facilitating focus groups to identify pressing issues and potential solutions
  • Interviewing key stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Writing first (and second, and third, etc.) drafts of policy elements
  • Facilitating co-writing sessions for policy elements
  • Providing feedback on draft policy elements
  • Fact checking statistics, claims, and other content in policy elements
  • Workshopping policy recommendations with additional stakeholders

It is with deep gratitude for their support and insights that we acknowledge the following people along with the communities, colleagues, and organizations that have shaped them and made their work on this project possible.

  • Jinan Banna, PhD (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
  • Rose Benjamin, MDP
  • K. Kamanani Conklin, MPH (American Public Health Association & Kaiser Permanente)
  • Paula Daniels, JD (Center for Good Food Purchasing)
  • Amber Datta, PhD (Arizona State University, in partnership with Hawaiʻi Division of Aquatic Resources & Kuaʻāina Ulu Auamo)
  • Laura Ediger, PhD (GoFarm Hawaiʻi)
  • Saleh Azizi Fardkhales, PhD (Hawaiʻi Good Food Alliance)
  • Ella Geismar, MPP (Camber Collective)
  • Tina Grandinetti, PhD
  • Marielle Hampton, MS
  • Shae Kamakaala, JD
  • Natalie Kurashima, PhD (Kamehameha Schools)
  • Matthew Kekoa Lau, PhD (University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu)
  • Noa Lincoln, PhD (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
  • Natalie Mihana McKinney, MFA (Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation)
  • Susan Mercado, MD
  • Albie Miles, PhD (University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu)
  • Debbie Millikan, PhD (Punahou School)
  • Kirsten L. L. Oleson
  • Subhashni Raj, PhD (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
  • Amanda Shaw, PhD (Oʻahu Agriculture and Conservation Association)
  • Jason Shon, MSc (City & County of Honolulu Office of Climate Change, Sustainability & Resiliency)
  • Jordan Smith, MPH(c) (Hawaiʻi Appleseed Center for Law & Economic Justice)
  • Daniela Spoto, MPH (Hawaiʻi Appleseed Center for Law & Economic Justice)
  • Hector Valenzuela, PhD (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
  • Koh Ming Wei, PhD (Center for Getting Things Started)

Please note that we have only named contributors who have provided us with their preferred name, title, and organization. If you supported the Framework’s development and would like to be identified here, please fill out the contributor form