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This database includes every recommendation across all plans (420 recommendations). To narrow down your search, sort the database by the content that is most applicable to you:

  • Key Planning Element: (Agriculture & Food Production, Climate Mitigation, Culture Shift (Good Food Movement), Equity & Justice, Food Safety, Food Security, Food Sovereignty, Food Waste, Good Food Governance, Good/Local Food Economies, Labor/Food Workers, Land & Resource Use, Land Access, Nutrition & Health, Supply Chain Infrastructure, Workforce Development)        
  • Region (State, City, or County)
  • Location (Name of State, Region, City, or County)

The Main Table acts as an entry point into each individual reviewed plan. To narrow the search, this database can be sorted inclusively by:

  • Plan Region (i.e. the state or city the plan is located in)
  • Publication Date
  • Author Type (Food Policy Council, Government, Network, Nonprofit, Partnership,  University
  • Region Type (City, County, Inter-State Region, State)
  • Current Plan Status (Active, Inactive, Unknown, Update in Progress, Updated)
  • Government Adoption Status (Adopted, Not Adopted, Unknown)

Once a plan is chosen, the website will share the plan’s creation strategies (content taken from the AirTable) along with the plan’s recommendations (content from the Master Excel document).

To explore summary statistics of the creation processes across these plans, explore the “Analysis of Plan PROCESS” page