Plan Information

TermDefinition of TermDatabase entry
Plan RegionRegional scope of planChesapeake Foodshed Region
Publication DateYear that plan was originally published2020
Plan TitleFormal title of the published plan/documentBlueprint for Community Ownership, Empowerment, and Prosperity (COEP) in the Chesapeake Foodshed
WebpageIf applicable, webpage associated with the plan/planning projectBroken link:
Press release/newsletter announcement about the plan: 
AuthorsListed author(s) of the plan, and descriptions as applicableCOEP Action Team (comprised of 12 food system disruptors: farmers, farm-workers, food system strategists, immigrants, birthworkers, historians and afrofuturists)
Author Type Category types: [Partnership; University; Government; Non-profit; Network; Food Policy Council]Network
Region Type [Inter-state; State; City: County]Inter-state Region
Funding Sources [Foundations, State Government; Municipal Government; Federal Government; Individual Donors; State University; Private University; Non-profit organizations/entities; Unspecified]May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
FundersCompiled list of fundersMay be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Total FundingTotal amount of fundingMay be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Plan GoalsOverarching goals of the plan/recommendationsTo present a roadmap that will spark dialogue to those in power so they can “assess the ways in which your personal and organizational culture supports or hinders the equitable distribution of assets and resources.”
Intended AudienceWho is this plan written for?“Designed for all engaged in food and land justice and sovereignty, but especially for those who hold resources and power to support systemic transformation”
Plan Recommendation StructureOverview of how recommendations are structured within the written document,, i.e.: “5 goals, each with strategies and sub-recommendations”, etc.6 key recommendations? (Pulled from press release/email newsletter)Sub-recommendations?
Catalyst for PlanAny important events that led to the creation of the plan, its funding, etc.May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Creation ProcessThe process by which this document was created, including Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Theoretical Framework  [Collective Impact Framework; Transformative Scenario Planning; Human Centered Design; Design Thinking; Systems Thinking; Other; N/A]May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Theoretical Framework: LiteratureIf included, what literature did the report use as a theoretical framework?May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Development TimelineLength of time it took for the plan to be created and published.2 years
Implementation StrategyArticulated strategies used to implement the recommendations.May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Implementation TimelineRecommended length of time for plan to be implemented by.May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Evaluation StrategyEstablished strategy for monitoring and evaluating plan implementation post-publication.May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)
Supplemental Documents (to be attached within the AirTable)Supplemental documents that were published by the FSP group or corresponding organizations, and/or any document that provided background information and research to inform the analyzed plan.May be specified in plan (plan no longer online)