“The current approach to food, nutrition, agriculture, and the environment is unsustainable and must change.”


What is the Food System?

The food system is the social and ecological system encompassing all the drivers, activities and resources that go into producing, distributing and consuming food. The food system intersects with aspects of public health, culture, society, economics, public policy, and the environment. For more on the food system, see the following resources: 

Position Papers, Case Studies, Initiatives and Planning Documents on Food Systems Change: National & International 


The Science of Sustainable Food System: Peer-Reviewed Literature on Building Sustainable, Equitable, Healthy & Resilient Food Systems


Video and Popular Press Works on Food Systems and Sustainability

Can Healthy Food Save the Planet by EAT
What is a healthy and sustainable diet? by Johan Rockström & Walter Willett (EAT)
Hawaiʻi and Beyond

“Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.”

EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health (2019).